Is Roof Restoration Worthwhile?

The Benefits Of Roof Restoration

Is Roof Restoration Worthwhile?

Yes, roof restoration is worth it for several good reasons. Are you looking for an affordable way to improve the quality and longevity of your existing roof? Then professional restoration is an option worth strong consideration.

Not only does restoration extend the functional lifespan of your current roof at a fraction of full replacement cost, but it also notably enhances the aesthetic outward appearance of a home. So you enjoy dual benefits, restored weather protection as well as visual appeal without needing a complete new roof installed.

These compelling advantages make restoration well worth the investment for many homeowners. Read on to better understand exactly what’s involved in the restoration process as we dig deeper into common questions surrounding project costs, timeframes, expected durability and more. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons to determine if restoration checks all the right boxes for your situation.

What is Roof Restoration?

It is the process of repairing and preparing an aging roof to extend its usable lifespan, rather than doing a complete tear-off. It involves:

  • Thorough cleaning using high pressure wash
  • Repairing any damage like cracked tiles or rusted metal roof
  • Applying protective sealants and coatings

This restores both the cosmetic appearance and waterproof function of tired roofs. It can add years of extra life!

When To Call For Roof Restoration?

You need to consider restoring your roof if you notice these signs of wear and tear:

  • Leaks leading to stains on ceiling
  • Blocked gutters filled with debris
  • Moss or dark streaks on roof
  • Roof sagging in areas
  • Missing, cracked or broken tiles/shingles
  • Rust stains near fittings or flashings

Don’t ignore these issues or poor conditions. Call roofing professionals to check if restoration is needed. It’s safer and cheaper than replacing the whole roof!

Benefits of Restoring Your Roof

Preserves Your Roof

Like skin treatments rejuvenate skin, restoration renews your aging roof. The protectants applied prevent further damage from harsh weather conditions and sunlight. This maintains waterproofing so leaks don’t lead to costly repairs later.

Adds Property Value

A clean, well-maintained roof makes a great first impression and bumps up resale value.

Saves on Energy Bills

When a roof loses waterproof sealant over time, cool air escapes lowering insulation efficiency. By restoring insulation you’ll save on summer cooling bills!

Prevents Pests

Possums and birds can enter holes in damaged roof sections. This leads to further deterioration when they nest. Prevent this nuisance with restoration!

Maintains Insurance Claim Eligibility

Insurance company can deny claims if the water damage occurred due to poor maintenance. Protect your roof to avoid this.

What Does Roof Restoration Process Involve?

The process takes 3-10 days depending on roof size and repairs needed. It includes:

Pressure Cleaning

A high pressure water clean removes moss, dirt and blocked drains. This prepares the surface for minor repairs and coatings.

Spot Repairs

Missing tiles get replaced. Rust spots, damaged flashings and valuables get fixed. This prevents leaks.


A primer coat evens out the surface and allows topcoats to adhere uniformly. It also guards against rust and moisture damage.


Two coats of acrylic sealant provide a waterproof, heat reflective and UV resistant barrier that maintains insulation and prevents damage.

Cost Of Roof Restoration

Roof restoration costs less than full replacement. Expect to pay:

  • Small roofs: $28 – $38 per m2
  • Medium roofs: $22 – $28 per m2
  • Large roofs: $17 – $22 per m2

On average sized Australian house, restoration of a typical single family home costs $2,500 and up.

Factors Affecting Cost

  • Type of roof (e.g. tiled roof, metal, concrete tile)
  • Accessibility of roof area
  • Extent of roof repairs needed
  • Choice of coating products

Get quotes from respected professional roofers before deciding. The investment can save thousands in the long run!

How Long Will Restoration Last?

With good products and proper maintenance, count on 10-15 years of extra life from restoration. High grade acrylic coatings come with 10 year manufacturers warranties as well!

Compare this to replacing the roof after 20-25 years. Restoration gives you the middle stretch at a fraction of replacement cost.

Restoration Pros vs Cons


  • Adds 10-15 years roof life
  • Prevents costly leaks
  • Enhances insulation
  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Cheaper than replacement
  • Comes with product warranties


  • Needs redoing after 10-15 years
  • Dark streaks eventually return on some roofs
  • Can’t fix structural damage
  • Careful maintenance helps maximise the benefits of restoration.

Restoration Pros vs Cons

Conclusion – Roof Restoration is Worth It!

At some point, every roof needs work done to remain functional. Restoration solves immediate issues while buying years before complete roof replacement is needed. For only a few thousand dollars, it enhances your home’s comfort, value and protection from the elements.

If you’ve noticed any of the warning signs listed earlier, call in professional roofing contractors for an inspection and quote right away. Restoration work requires expertise to get lasting results.

Maintain your valuable investment and safeguard what’s inside with periodic house roof restoration. It gives you peace of mind that your entire roof can weather every storm!

Pro Tip:
When showing your home to potential buyers, don’t overlook roof issues that could turn them off. For instance, inspect the roof valleys thoroughly, these drainage areas often accumulate debris leading to moisture backups and mould growth under shingles. Also, check areas around vents and chimneys for damaged metal sheets or flashing. Catching minor damage early allows a professional roof restoration company time to fix it affordably, rather than needing full replacement later which costs more. For larger roofs, restoration is substantially cheaper than replacing it, while still renewing visual appeal. Investing in roof upkeep also signals buyers that you’ve maintained your biggest asset. So call in roofing company experts to keep your roof show-ready until the new owners take over!