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Got roof problems? We feel your pain. Leaky roofs stink, literally and figuratively. Water dripping inside is no fun. Mold and mildew can make you sick. Plus it’s messy and damaging.

No worries, we’ve got your back. SMART Roof Restoration Brisbane is here to help. With over 10 years experience, we are the pros in town. Fully licensed and insured, we provide roof comprehensive inspections and expert repairs.

Our friendly technicians deeply care and take time to fully inspect it for FREE. We find all problems and offer affordable solutions. With our quality workmanship, it will be restored to peak condition.

Sleep better at night knowing your roof is solid.

Call now for a free estimate and advice. Our team is ready to inspect your roof and provide a detailed analysis.

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The Process

We take inspections very seriously and follow a meticulous process to assess the full condition of it. Here are the steps we take:

Our Step-by-Step Inspections Process

  • Initial consultation – We listen to your concerns and assess the situation
  • Comprehensive roof inspection – We thoroughly inspect all areas of your it, looking for any issues
  • Detailed analysis – We determine the root causes and assess the damage
  • Recommendations – We suggest the best solutions and repair options for your needs
  • Free estimate – We provide a detailed estimate outlining the work needed and the costs
  • Schedule repairs – If you decide to move forward, we schedule a convenient hour to make the repairs
  • Quality workmanship – Our experienced technicians use top materials and proper techniques to restore it, we’ll give simple maintenance tips.
  • Follow-up inspection – We come back to inspect our work and ensure you are 100% satisfied

Thorough inspections give us the full picture of what is happening on it. This allows us to make the right recommendations and restore them properly.


There are many advantages to having a professional roof inspections:

  • Thoroughly inspect entire surface and components
  • Identify any underlying issues and damage
  • Assess and diagnose problems to determine best solutions
  • Provide options for repairs, restoration or replacement
  • Give homeowners peace of mind knowing the condition
  • Offer customised solutions based on your budget
  • Prevent serious damage and costly repairs down the road
  • Extend its lifespan through proactive maintenance
  • Ensure safety by fixing any potential hazards

Neglecting problems can lead to water damage, mold, rot, and structural stability issues. Don’t risk it!

Catching problems early saves you money and headaches in the long run. Our regular inspections provide a cost effective clear assessment so you know what needs to be done.

Signs You Need an Inspection

Watch for these common signs that your roof may need to be inspected:

  • It is over 10-15 years old
  • Shingles are cracked, curled, or missing
  • Roof valleys or flashing have deterioration
  • Dark stains on attic walls
  • Leak detection or dampness inside house
  • Ponding water stain or sagging surface
  • Exposed nail heads on shingles
  • Damaged or loose shingles after a storm
  • Granules from shingles in gutters

If you spot any of these potential roofing issues, the reason has come to have it professionally inspected.

Roof Types

We inspect all types including:

  • Asphalt/Bitumen Shingle
  • Concrete & Clay Tile
  • Metal
  • Flat
  • Slate
  • Wood Shake/Shingle

No matter what material it is made of, we can thoroughly assess its condition.

Key Statistics

  • Over 75% of roofs we inspect over 10 years old have underlying moisture issues.
  • 90% of homeowners say our roof inspection reports gave them peace about their roof.
  • On average, we identify needed expensive repairs over $1,000 on 25% of older inspected.
  • Roof is typically covered with insulation and other lines of defence.

Our extensive experience translates to more detailed and helpful inspections for homeowners.

Our Services

We check over every inch of your roof and provide a comprehensive report. Our services include:

  • Shingle & tile inspection
  • Flat roof
  • Metal roof
  • Gutter and downspout inspection
  • Chimney, skylight & vent inspection
  • Attic inspection for water spot intrusion
  • Exterior Wall and interior inspection
  • Decking and substrate inspection
  • Flashing inspection
  • Ridge cap and vent inspection

No component is overlooked. You’ll have a complete assessment of your entire roof system.


How long does an inspection take?

An average inspections take about 1-2 hours to thoroughly assess all its components. Complex roofs may take longer.

What is checked during roof inspections?

We inspect shingles/tiles, flat surfaces, flashings, joints, valleys, vents, skylights, chimneys, gutters, drains, attic, and ceilings.

Do inspectors go on the roof?

Yes, we actually walk on the roof to closely inspect surfaces and details. Safety is our top priority.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our happy customers say:

“I was so relieved when SMART,  a roof inspection company discovered the source of my leakage. Their high quality inspection gave me peace and a roof repair plan.” – Sarah D.

“Very impressed with their project thoroughness. They checked my entire roof health and explained everything in detail.” – Mark R.

“After the terrible hailstorm, I’m grateful SMART properly inspected my building for any expensive roof damage or faulty roof. I can rest easy now.” – Jessica T.

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