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Is your metal roof looking faded and worn out? Don’t replace it yet! Restoration from Smart Roof Restoration Brisbane breathes new life.

Our roofing experts have over 10 years experience restoring roofs across Brisbane. Our proven restoration process can save you money compared to full replacement.

We specialise in restoration. Our professional team provides quality metal roofing services and honest advice. As leading specialists in the Australian industry, we know how to properly restore them for Australian weather conditions.

We are an experienced Australian company providing quality workmanship and services for all metal needs. We specialise in Colorbond roof restoration and repairs.

What makes us different is our commitment to top-notch restoration work. We meet high industry standards.

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Our Process

We use a careful process to restore your roof:


  • We inspect it to check its condition and see what needs to be done. We look for rust, damage, leaks and other issues.

Surface Preparation

  • Our experts thoroughly clean the entire surface, making sure to remove all debris and chalking to prepare a clean them for restoration.
  • Next, we repair any damaged areas or spots by removing the corrosion and priming.
  • We secure any loose fasteners to make sure it is sound.

Coating Application

  • We apply multiple coats of high-quality membrane to provide durable protection.
  • Then we apply your choice of topcoat in your original color or a new color if desired.
  • We also can apply a reflective coating to reduce heat gain, which is optional.

Finishing Touches

  • We make sure seams, joints and transitions are properly sealed and restored.
  • Finally we inspect it to ensure the restoration was completed fully and correctly.

Our multi-step process helps ensure it comes out looking beautiful and protected. Let us know if you have any other questions!


Restoring your current metal roof has many benefits vs. replacing it:

  • Saves 50% or more compared to replacement
  • Much less disruptive than tear-off
  • Extends it’s life
  • Eco-friendly – avoids landfill waste
  • Matches your original color

There are minimal risks with restoration by experienced technicians like us. We take precautions to ensure success.

Signs You May Need Restoration

Here are common signs you need restoration:

  • Visible fading, chalking, discoloration
  • Chipped, peeling, or cracked paint/coating
  • Rust spots
  • Leaks from coating breakdown

If you see any of these, it’s time to consider metal roof restoration.

Types We Restore

SMART can restore all types:

  • Corrugated iron
  • Colorbond® steel
  • Zincalume® steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum

No matter the metal, we have the expertise to restore it properly.

Products and Materials Used

We use top-quality restoration products:

  • BEICI rust inhibitors
  • Dulux® metal primers
  • Wattle Acrylic coatings
  • ThermaCote® heat reflective coatings

Our experienced technicians and high-grade products enable long-lasting restorations.

Keep Your Roof Looking Great

With care, your restored roof sheets can stay beautiful for years. Follow these tips:

  • Gently clean leaves, sticks, and debris often using a soft brush. Debris holds moisture and makes wear happen faster.
  • Check for damage after big storms. Wind can blow stuff that dents or scratches the coating. Fix any damage right away.
  • Avoid walking on it. Repeated impact can damage the coating. If you need to go on the roof, wear soft shoes and step carefully.
  • Check flashings, joints, and seals sometimes. Put on protective sealants again if needed to prevent water leaks.

Proper care makes your restored it last much longer!

Common Worries

We know you may have concerns about restoring your roof. Here we answer common worries:

Noise – Some think a coated one could be louder in rain. But our coatings absorb sound well. Noise does not get much worse.

Warranty – Most of it still work after professional restoration. The coating is the new top layer. But we check this first.

Lasting Results – DIY kits are risky. Our 5-step process and quality finishes work well long-term. They stay protected.

Please share any worries you have. We want you to feel completely comfortable moving forward.


How long will my restored roof last?

With proper restoration, it can last 15+ years before needing work.

How long does restoration take?

The timeline varies based on size and condition. Most take 2-4 days start to finish.

Will you match my original color?

Yes, we precisely match the original Colorbond®, Zincalume®, or other coating color using Wattle Acrylic topcoats.

Do you offer undertakings?

Yes, we provide a 5-year workmanship guarantee covering application defects.

What Customers Say

“SMART did a great job restoring our faded colorbond. It looks brand new! Their team was professional and finished faster than expected.” – Jane, Taringa

“Our commercial  building restoration by SMART has held up wonderfully over 5 years since they re-coated it. Excellent value compared to replacing the huge roof.” – Bill, Milton

“The SMART Restoration Brisbane team cleaned and restored my old tin roof with care and expertise. I highly recommend them for restoration.” – Greg, Mount Gravatt

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