Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration Brisbane


If your roof is looking worn, cracked, or damaged, don’t despair. With our expert terracotta tile roof restoration service from Smart Roof Restoration Brisbane, we can restore it to look and function like new again.

We are a Brisbane roofing company that has specialized in terracotta roof restorations for over 10 years. Our experience lets us expertly assess it and determine the best restoration process.

Our professionals are fully licensed and insured for your protection. We also offer an industry-leading warranty on our restoration products and workmanship so you have peace of mind. 100% customer satisfaction is always our goal.

We can properly clean and seal it to prevent future mould growth or broken tiles. Our restorations use state-of-the-art techniques to repair any damage and refresh it.

Don’t trust just any company for your precious terracotta. For the best restoration results, call us today!

Call our terracotta experts today on 07 3132 2002 for a free inspection and quote.

We’ll get it looking fresh and new again in no time.

The Process

Our expert roofers follow these steps to restore your roof:


  • We check each tile and structure for damage.


  • We deep clean all tiles to remove mould, dirt and stains.


  • We replace any cracked, broken or missing tiles.


  • We apply sealant to protect from future damage.

Final check

  • We inspect the completed restoration work.

Our process repairs tiles, strengthens it, and weatherproofs it.


Restoring your roof provides many benefits:

  • Improves appearance – Looks new and stylish again.
  • Stops leaks – Fixes cracked and missing tiles.
  • Prevents damage – Sealant protects from weathering.
  • Extends its life – Restores strength.
  • Safeguards home – Reduces risk of mould and interior leaks.
  • Adds value – An updated one increases home value.

Restoration costs much less than full replacement. Our experienced team minimizes any risks.

Signs You Need a Roof Restoration

Here are common signs it’s time to restore your terracotta roof:

  • Visible cracked, damaged or missing tiles
  • Leaks or stains on the ceiling
  • Tiles flaking or powdery
  • Mould, dirt, or stains
  • It looks very weathered
  • Tiles lifting or becoming unstuck

Call us if you see any issues for an inspection. Timely restoration prevents worse damage.

Roof Types We Restore

We have experience with all terracotta roof repair:

  • Spanish barrel tiles
  • French marseille tiles
  • Italian s-profile tiles
  • Flat terracotta shingles
  • Terracotta shakes

We can expertly restore any terracotta roof.

Services We Offer

Our services include:

Tile cleaning

  • Removes mould, dirt and stains

Roof inspections

  • Check condition and needed repairs

Tile repairs

  • Replace cracked, broken, or slipped tiles

Structure repairs

  • Tile battens, underlay

Tile replacement

  • For very damaged sections

Sealant application

  • Protects from weathering

Gutter cleaning

  • Clear debris blocking drainage

Re-bedding and re-pointing tiles

We also provide free quotes for any work needed.

What Causes Tile Damage?

Common causes of tile damage:

  • Age – Tiles naturally weather over time.
  • Weather exposure – Years of sun, wind, rain and hail.
  • Poor drainage – Standing water deteriorates tiles.
  • Impact damage – Falling branches or hail crack tiles.
  • Bad installation – Issues develop over time.
  • No maintenance – Lack of cleaning and sealing allows damage.

Knowing the causes can help prevent issues through proper maintenance. But restoration fixes damage when it happens.

Tile Sealants We Use

We use the highest quality tile sealants:

  • Acrylics – Waterproof and bond well.
  • Silicones – Repel liquid flow and resist UV rays.
  • Polyurethanes – Very durable moisture barrier.
  • Epoxies – Used for small crack and chip repairs.

We choose the right sealant for your roof’s needs. All weatherproof while allowing the tiles to breathe.

Safety and Prep Work

Before starting work, Smart Roof Restoration Brisbane prepares to protect your home:

  • Lay down drop cloths to catch debris.
  • Cover landscaping and plants.
  • Seal off areas near vents.
  • Restrict access under the roof work zone.
  • Communicate our schedule to minimize disruptions.

Safety is a top priority so you can relax during the restoration.


How long does terracotta restoration take?

Most jobs take 1-2 days depending on the roof size and extent of repairs needed. We work efficiently to minimize disruption.

Does my roof need to be fully replaced?

Often restoration is sufficient, saving thousands over replacement. We assess if repairs can extend the roof’s life.

What causes terracotta to deteriorate?

Age, weather exposure, poor drainage, and improper installation can all contribute to damage.

Why seal terracotta roof?

Sealant protects against weathering and water absorption that can crack, stain, or loosen tiles over time.

Will you match my existing tiles?

We make every effort to match your original tiles. But some colors and styles may not be available.

Reviews From Satisfied Customers

“The team did an amazing job restoring our terracotta roof that was badly damaged from a storm. They matched the replacement tiles perfectly and sealed the entire roof. It looks brand new!” – Jane S.

“I was shocked at how dirty our terracotta roof tiles were until Smart Roof Restoration power washed them during business hours. Now the roof looks as good as the day it was installed.” – John T.

“Our terracotta shingle roof was falling apart after 15 years. Smart Roof Restoration repaired all the problem spots and reinforced the structure. Our home is protected for years to come.” – Stephanie R.

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Contact Smart Roof Restoration Brisbane today for a free quote. Our terracotta tile restoration services can repair roof damage, prevent future deterioration, and restore your roof’s original beauty.

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