Whirlybirds Installation Brisbane

Breathe New Life into Your Roof with Whirlybirds

Is your roof looking worn and feeling its age? As a leading Brisbane whirlybirds installation company, we provide cost-effective, wind-driven roof ventilators to improve airflow.

Whirlybirds are an incredible roof ventilator, harnessing wind power to ventilate your attic. This key ventilation circulates air, reducing heat that can reach over 40 degrees in summer.

With over 10 years of experience, Smart Roof Restoration Brisbane provides top-notch whirlybird installation and roof restoration services. Our licensed and insured experts use quality products for optimal efficiency and longevity. We back our work with a 10 year warranty because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Give your home the ventilation advantage and added roof life with whirlybirds!

Contact us today for a free inspection and quote. Our team of roofing experts are ready to breathe new life into your roof with effective whirlybird solutions.

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How We Install

We take 5 simple steps:

  1. Inspect your roof. We check for the best whirlybird spots.
  2. Measure your roof. We custom fit the whirlybirds.
  3. Install the them properly and safely.
  4. Test them out. We make sure they work right.
  5. Clean up. We leave your roof looking new.


Adding whirlybirds offers many great benefits for your home:

  • Improved air circulation and ventilation
  • Reduced heat and moisture buildup
  • Prevents mold, mildew, and rot
  • Extends roof lifespan
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower cooling costs
  • Added them can lower ongoing costs like air conditioning bills.

The only risk is improper installation resulting in leaks. Our experienced installers take care to prevent any issues.

The initial cost of supply and installation is an investment that pays off in the long run by extending your roof’s lifespan.

Signs You Need Whirlybirds

Here are some signs that your home could benefit from whirlybird installation:

  • High humidity and lack of airflow in the attic
  • Evidence of moisture like damp insulation
  • Peeling paint or curled shingles on the roof exterior
  • Mold or mildew buildup
  • High cooling costs during summer
  • Roof is nearing the end of its lifespan

Roof Types We Service

At Smart Roof Restoration Brisbane, we expertly install whirlybirds on all types of roofing:

  • Asphalt shingle
  • Concrete tile
  • Clay tile
  • Metal
  • Flat roofs

Our team has the skills and experience to customise the whirlybird solutions to your specific roof type.

Services We Offer

  • Whirlybird supply and installation
  • Replacement of existing whirlybirds
  • Repairs to damaged whirlybirds
  • Whirlybird maintenance and cleaning
  • Roof inspections and quotes
  • Attic ventilation assessments
  • Roof restoration services
  • All related services to improve roof ventilation

Real-World Proof Whirlybirds Work

One West Brisbane family installed 6 whirlybirds. After that, in summer they saw:

  • 27% lower cooling bills
  • Less humidity, more airflow
  • No moisture damage in attic

We see similar results across Brisbane when they are installed right.

Are Whirlybirds Noisy?

Many ask if they are loud. We’re happy to say modern ones are quiet.

The gentle whooshing as they spin is no louder than a low ceiling fan. You’ll easily adjust to the sound. And your home gets the ventilation benefits!

We Serve All Brisbane

From North to South Brisbane and between, we install whirlybirds across the city. Our team knows how to meet ventilation needs in your neighborhood.


How many whirlybirds are needed?

It depends on your roof’s size and design. An inspection shows the best amount. Most homes need 4-8.

How long does installing take?

For most homes, 1-2 days. Bigger homes with more whirlybirds take longer.

Do whirlybirds come in colors?

Yes, you can pick colors to match your roof.

Will whirlybirds leak when it rains?

Installed right, they withstand wind and rain. Our experts do proper sealing.

Do whirlybirds lower AC costs?

Most people see 10-25% lower AC bills after installation. Better attic airflow makes a difference.

Do whirlybirds require much maintenance?

They are a very cost-effective solution with minimal maintenance costs down the road.

Rave Reviews


“I was considering replacing my roof until these guys suggested adding whirlybirds instead. It was much more affordable and made a huge difference in ventilation. The attic is no longer stifling hot!” – Mark T., Ipswich

“Our whirlybirds were old and breaking. These folks did a great job installing new ones that blend with our roof. The whole process was fast and professional.” – Jane S., Brisbane

“I recommend Smart Roof Restoration Brisbane to all my friends and neighbors needing roof work. Their whirlybird installation completely revived my 20 year old roof!” – Paul G., Toowong

Protect Your Family’s Home

Your home keeps your family safe. Proper roof care like whirlybirds prevents heat, moisture and mold.

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